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I’m Kirk McMillan

With a purpose and passion for elevating leaders to grow and prosper, I proudly serve as a Vistage Chair to CEO's, Presidents, Business Owners, and Executives who want to achieve exponential growth.  


I became CEO of family business at 26 years old, growing a $75M family business from $2 million.  My purpose is elevating leaders and enriching the journey. 


One of the most important gifts to give a leader is the ability to understand what they are capable of. That is what’s so motivating and energizing about peer-to-peer space.


As a Vistage Chair, I am a CEO sherpa guiding the members of my groups through executive coaching and leadership development in Charleston, South Carolina. We meet monthly in an environment safe enough to bring up any opportunity or challenge, no matter the difficulty.


The only agenda is to help each other lead at higher levels, make better decisions, and live better lives. We go deep, so members can go high.

Here to Help You Succeed

As a Vistage Executive Coach, I work with executives across a wide spectrum of backgrounds and industries. Aside from often feeling lonely at the top, the one thing all my members have in common is a passionate desire to become better – better leaders, better decision-makers, better role models. Vistage helps achieve this by not only providing world-class executive coaching, but also the most robust and comprehensive leadership development programs on the market.


If you’ve been seeking a reliable and trusted source for honest, agenda-free guidance to help you navigate uncertainty and achieve better results, Vistage just might be what you’ve been looking for.

"Vistage has enhanced my understanding of key business principles related to running and managing an enterprise. More importantly, it has enabled me to make new friends in the business community that I respect and trust."

Ashley Demosthenes


The Lowcountry Land Trust

“Vistage has forced my thinking on the big picture instead of getting bogged down in the daily work.”

Jason Burke


The New Primal

"I have an immense amount of gratitude for the opportunity to be a Vistage member. The honesty and integrity of the group has enriched my work and personal life in ways I couldn’t have imagined.”

Wes Carter


Atlantic Packaging

How Do You Prepare for Uncertainty?

The Seven Critical Areas to Prepare for an Uncertain Future


An analysis of CEO confidence found that confidence in the economy has plummeted to the lowest level since the Great Recession of 2008. In a slowing economy compounded by a great deal of uncertainty, it's critical for leaders to make strategic decisions around hiring, investments and growth.

Learn how to successfully navigate:

  • Economy: Preparing for a post-expansion environment

  • Policy: Contending with unsettled trade, tariff and tax policies

  • Talent: Employee retention is a top challenge

  • Operations: Protecting your data is foundational

  • Financials: Rates of change in key KPIs uncover deeper insights

  • Customers: Growing sales in the face of new buying dynamics

  • Leadership: Creating a conscious culture is critical to success

CEO Economic Confidence Report

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