As a Client,

It's Never Lonely at the Top

Having been an Executive and CEO myself, leading teams, I can fully appreciate the burdens that come with the job. If you are like my clients, not only can it feel extremely lonely at the top, but it can also be daunting to find trustworthy and agenda-free guidance when you need it the most.


Working together changes all of that. 


I invite you to learn more.


Things to consider when looking for a coach:

  1. They’ve been there, done it. It is important to find an executive coach who has walked in your shoes and experienced the loneliness of the role. You want a coach who has hired and fired people, had to meet payroll, conceptualized a vision and executed profitably.

  2. Clarity in mindset methodology. An impactful coach will have a methodology that provides structure and process for both the human aspects of leadership and the growth mindset for strategy.

  3. Accountability systems. Your role as an Executive is to generate business results. Your coach will challenge you to reach beyond your comfort zone and hold you accountable for doing the things you say you will do.

  4. Roadblock strategies. Your Executive coach is your Sherpa for helping you climb your Everest. There are multiple paths to reach your goal and your coach has the strategies to overcome the roadblocks on the way.

  5. Mutual fit and respect. Executive coaching is intimate, raw and emotional. I know more about my clients than some of their spouses, so there must be trust and respect.

  6. Carefrontational, curious and candid. The art and science of coaching Executives is founded on the skills of your coach to be carefrontational, expressing candor, caring and curiosity.

I take great pride in working with each of my clients to help them reach the top of their game so they can maximize the positive impact they make to their companies, teams, employees, families, and communities.


If this sounds like something that might be right for you, or if you would simply like more information, I welcome the opportunity for us to connect.


Peter LaMotte

Principal, Chernoff Newman

"The value I receive from Kirk goes well beyond just an outside perspective, the experienced guidance Kirk provides allows me to focus on what will actually drive results, and less time on insignificant distractions."

Wes Carter.jpg

Wes Carter

President, Atlantic Packaging

"If you are a business owner or if you're the president of company and have the opportunity, I would strongly recommend Kirk. He has experienced many challenges and he works to help you solve problems and grow as a leader."